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Restaurant management software CUKCUK provides a complete software management solution, quick and easy implementation, and many advanced features

  • Suitable for different restaurant types: a la carte, buffet, quick service, and party service.
  • Applicable to different staff roles: receptionist, cashier, waitstaff, food runner, chef, and restaurant owner.
  • Supports management of inventory, outstanding, cost, and profit/loss.
  • Compatible with multiple devices: Computer, POS, tablet, smartphone, and smart TV.
For detailed instruction on how to use the software see:

        CUKCUK - Restaurant management system overview

Advanced features of CUKCUK
 Restaurant management software:
  • Operation features:
  • Full operation features for all types of restaurant/café such as a la carte, quick service, buffet, party service
  • Features for delivery and takeaway orders
  • Features for promotions such as free item, discount by item, discount by total bill
  • Feature for price schedule
  • View more than 40 analytic and statistical charts and reports on revenue, cost, profit/loss, procurment, inventory, serving capacity, anytime from anywhere by smartphone.
  • Technology:
  • Available application (Android, iOS) for waitstaff will help reduce initial cost of devices for your restaurant
  • Application on smartphone (Android, iOS) will help restaurant manager/owner to instantly view business reports anytime, anywhere
  • Application on smart TV, tablet for food runner (DIB) and display system for kitchen (KDS) to timely follow items status 
  • Data entry speed and function speed are twice as fast as other softwares because CUKCUK.VN has specific application for each type of device
  • Run smoothly on computer, POS, tablet, phone even during internet disruption.