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CUKCUK Server software

1. Purpose
Detailed instruction on how to install software for cashier on PC or POS. (CUKCUK Server Installer for the restaurants applying Offline-working mode)

2. Requirements on device:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher.
  • RAM:4 GB or higher.
  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 10.
(See how to check configuration here).
3. Instruction steps
After checking if PC/POS satisfies requirements on configuration and space, close anti-virus software and install software as follows:
1. Open folder containing the downloaded setup file.
    2. Double click the setup file.

      3. Click Next.

        4. Read carefully License Agreement for Restaurant Management software CUKCUK.VN.
        5. Check Agree.
        6. Click Next.

            7. Click Change if you want to change the place to store software after installing.
            8. Click Next.

            9. Click Install.

              10. Check Run CUKCUK.
                11. Click Finish.

                12. Enter restaurant name as set at Create account on CUKCUK.
                13. Enter manager account and click Log in so that other devices can get offline connect to this Server. See how to use CUKCUK Server software here.