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Application for kitchen/bar

1. Purpose
Instruction steps on how to install application CUKCUK - Kitchen Bar for chef/bartender on Anroid.
2. Instruction steps
   Hardware requirements:
  • Application CUKCUK - Kitchen Bar are compatible with all Android tablets from Android 4.0.3 or above.
  • Your restaurant should implement smart TV to display simultaneously information on tablet to TV (Screen Mirroring) to help staff at kitchen/bar to see which items need to be processed? or how many servings?...
  • Recommended devices:
    • Tablets that support Screen Mirroring, such as:
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9,7 inch
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 inch
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9,7 inch
    • Smart TVs that support Screen Mirroring => Recommend Samsung TV such as:
      • Tivi Led Samsung UA40J5200 (40 inch)
      • Tivi Led Samsung UA48J5200 (48 inch)
      • Tivi LED Samsung UA50J5200 (50 inch)
a. Instruction steps
To install application, proceed as following:
Step 1: Download and install application
    1. Open Play Store.

        2. Enter keyword cukcuk.

            3. Touch application CUKCUK - Kitchen Bar.
            4. Press Install. 

                5. Press Accept. 

                  6. Press Open to run application.

                     Step 2: Log in application after installation
                  • For online connection (Apply when the restaurant/store has internet connection)

                  1. Select tab Online. 
                  2. Enter restaurant name you registered at step Sign up an account at  CUKCUK.VN.
                  3. Enter username and password provided by manager with the role as kitchen/bar staff.
                  4. Press Log in. 

                  • For offline connection (Apply when the restaurant/store had no internet connection) 

                  1. Select tab Offline.
                  2. Enter or click the magnifier symbol to select IP address & connection port with cashier device.
                  3. Enter username and password provided by manager with the role as kitchen/bar staff.
                  4. Select Log in.

                  3. Note
                  • When using application CUKCUK.VN - Kitchen Bar, if a staff is allocated to be a Chef, that staff can only select kitchens as working place, the same for bartender. 
                  • If the staff is allocated to be both Chef and Bartender, that staff can select all kitchens and bars in the restaurant as working place.