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Employee settings

1. Purpose
To set up profiles of employees working at the restaurant. And allocate access authorization for each employee to work with CUKCUK.

2. Instruction steps
To set up employees list of the restaurant, proceed as following:
1. At Employee settings in getting started screen, select Add new employee
2. Select Add.

3. Enter employee information: ID, name, gender, DOB.

4. Select role for each employee.
  • Press .

  • Tick to select roles for employee.
  • Press Select.
5. Authorize access levels to the software for each employee.

  • Check Allow to work with CUKCUK software.
  • Enter login password.
6. Select profile image for the employee.
7. Enter more information in tab Contact information and Other information.

8. If you want to control working time of the employee on the software, select tab Access schedule and enter the time you allow the employee to work with  CUKCUK.VN software. 

9. Press Save.
3. Note
  • If you finished Menu settings and Restaurant layout settings, to open Getting started screen, proceed as following: 
    • On Menu or Layout, select Back to initial settings.
    • Or select General report select Display settings.